Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pink & Green Polka Dots Cake

Someday, when you only have a day to bake, frost, assemble, and decorate a cake, a box of cake mix can be very convenient. Our favorite is Betty Crocker. We have tried every possible flavor: white, yellow, butter yellow, milk chocolate, chocolate fudge, triple chocolate fudge, devil's food, lemon, and recently we had party rainbow chips for our birthday girl, Emily.

One cake mix box can make double-layered 4" and 6" cakes.

(Yes, that is our Retro oven in the background.)

This is the first cake post in about a year... well, to be exact, 9 months. We were on cake hiatus for so long that we forgot how cakes can be time consuming. Actually, we made fondant, dyed the fondant and cut the fondant 3 days in advance. We baked the cake, made white chocolate frosting, assembled, and decorated on the day before it was to be delivered. Unbeknownst to us, the remaining fondant was only enough to cover the 6" cake. So, what should we do with the 4" cake? It was an hour before midnight. Problem slightly solved - smooth crusted frosting on side and top with wax paper and add as many decorations as possible. This is far from a perfect cake, however, we are pleased with the outcome. Lesson learned: plan ahead!

The finished product:

No, she was turning 27, but we decided to celebrate an inside joke and relive our younger years!

As you can see from this blog, we make many more sweets that are NOT cakes. We are expanding our desserts and as a result, you will see a new name in this blog. Thank you for visiting Cake Devine. We will bring more excitement in the upcoming year!

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