Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pastry Chef... Student - It's Official!

Hello everyone! This is Amelia typing. I have left everyone hanging about my career choice for so long. I am happily to announce within next month... in about 30 days, I will become a student pastry chef!

I have to admit I am slightly nervous. It is a completely change of career path that I was pursuing for many, many, many years. Virtually every member of our extended family has been born and bred to become scientists of some kind (except Clarissa, she is unique and maybe a bit of rebel?). It was natural to follow my family's footstep in this area of profession. After seven years educated in human science, logged in hundreds hours of internships, took a biggest exam of my life, and became a licensed physical therapist assistant, it is time to exchange a lab coat, flask, grnometer, for an apron, whisk, spatula, and pan. I did made such an ambititious move to give up my career in science to pursue my true passion.

I have visited three culinary schools in Portland: Western Culinary Institute, Art Institute, and Oregon Culinary Institute. My decision to choose Oregon Culinary Institute is based on their flexible schedule and cost. The school allows me to maintain a full time position at my current job and attend school. It will be challenging, although, on a positive note, at the end I will and hope to find a job in something I have so much passion for.

Oregon Culinary Institute

In meantime, I hope to share weekly blogging of my water-mouthing projects to keep improving my skills with a sweet career in baking and pastry arts. Wish me luck!

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