Friday, June 10, 2011

1st Birthday Cake - Out of the Doghouse!

What did little Sylvie accomplished lately? She turned 1! The proud mom of this girl asked for a custom made birthday cake that incorporates her favorite animal - dogs. We made her a 12-inch vanilla cake with strawberry frosting, covered with green marshmallow fondant to mimic the color of grass. We topped the cake with a dog house (after attempting to make the house out of cake itself, which failed, we opted for rice krispie treats), four variety of dogs (we weren't sure what kind of dogs they are, but they sure were cute!), and some accessories.

Sylvie got a piece of cake for herself to munch in her mouth. Happy 1st birthday girl!

Later in the day, the mom said, "The CAKE is AMAZING!! We love it so much!!" Thanks Amy!

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