Monday, January 10, 2011

Voodoo Doughnut

Four days before Christmas, we were craving for doughnuts from the original Voodoo Doughnut based in Old Town Portland (22 S.W. Third Ave.). We have lived in this city for two decades and since Voodoo Doughnut opened in 2003, we've lost count the number of times we were in this neighborhood and have never stepped inside its doors. Amelia went there on a previous Saturday and choose not to wait in a line, which stretched a block away in the typical Pacific Northwest weather (rain).

We munched on Marshmallow Matters (plain cake doughnut with vanilla frosting and mini M&M's), blueberry cake doughnut with a glaze, Raspberry Romeo's (doughnut filled with raspberry jelly topped with a glaze), and Texas Challenge (giant doughnut equals size regular glazed doughnuts). They sell more than 45 kinds of doughnut plus a few varieties of vegan doughnuts daily - too long of a list to include here, but we encourage you to check their menu.

Apparently the original shop attracts many locals and tourists as evidenced by the long line outside of their cramped storefront. They opened their second Voodoo shop (Voodoo Doughnut Too) in 2008, in Northeast Portland (1501 N.E. Davis St.). Their third Voodoo shop (Voodoo Doughnut Tres) is located in Eugene and opened in 2010 (20 E. Broadway).

One bonus for those who like late night munchies, all three shops open 24 hours 7 days a week. One downfall is that they accept cash only; however, ATMs are available inside the stores.

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