Saturday, December 25, 2010

Cricut Cake Mini Machine

courtesy of Cricut

After seeing the Cricut Cake a couple months ago, we decided we didn't need it because, first of all, we already owned a Cricut Expression that we battled over against hundreds of people last year on Black Friday, and second, it is expensive. However, recently we got a Black Friday advertisement from Jo-Ann's, and on page two, there was an image of Cricut Cake Mini. It costs only a penny shy of a cool hundred bucks. What a steal! (Amelia had to go to Jo-Ann, waited in the rain for 15 minutes before the store opened, raced against a hundred of people, asked a nice lady to show her where she could find the machine, and ten minutes later she was at a register and paid for this amazing machine... two hours later, Clarissa thought her older sister didn't get the machine and went to the Jo-Ann's near her work and bought one as well. We didn't keep both, though!)

Ever since we started our little "business," we have been hand cutting all the images, even the super tiny ones (around 1/8 of an inch). Cricut Cake Mini will benefit us tremendously because it cuts small shapes with accuracy and saves us a lot of time. We are excited to experiment with it on future orders!

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