Saturday, November 27, 2010

Quantaray E-Box Portable Photo Studio

When you see other people's food blogs, you get attracted to their food because their pictures look so beautiful and real. We are not professional photographers, nor food set-up artists; however, we do have some skills in taking pictures of our completed desserts (maybe, we think?) Often we take our pictures during the day when the outdoor light gives a neutral feeling (you definitely don't want to see pictures with blue or yellow tones...It will make you gag). We like to use a black background to make the cakes pop!

Amelia found this Quantaray E-Box Portable Photo Studio and thought it would be a great idea to take our photography skills to a next level. Hopefully we can display more professional and yummy looking pictures in our upcoming posts. The package includes two studio quality 50-watt photo lights, light-box, back-drop- table-top tripod, and carry case. It should be set up easily on a table and storable when not in use. Order your own portable photo studio through Ritz Camera.

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