Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sports Theme Baby Shower

The soon-to-be mom, Michelle, requested a sports theme baby shower cake. These were 6, 8, and 10 inches round butter yellow cakes, each filled with chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry buttercream frosting. We dubbed it out "Neopolean" flavored cake (just like the ice cream, only better!).

We pre-made all the sports memorabilia with a combination of fondant and gum paste a week in advance to ensure that all the decorations were dry and hardened in time for the shower. We tried to replicate the actual sports items by including as many details as possible, but obviously not to scale (as you can see, the baseball and basketball are the same size:-o). The baseball cap was shaped with rice krispies and then covered with fondant.

We wanted to incorprate a feeling of the "baby theme" into this cake. The quilt pattern on the top and bottom cakes was molded by a diamond impression mat from Earlene's Cakes. To further the baby related decorations, we added white and brown strips on the middle tier. For whatever reason, the entire ensemble of colors reminds Clarissa of a warm, cuddly bear!

The hardest part was to transport the cake to the actual shower destination. They got slightly beaten up in a ride to the shower because of some unavoidable pot holes, sharp turns and wobbly carriers. We were able to repair some of the damaged surface before they were assembled with separator plates and plastic dowel rods (actually, they were fat bubble tea straws) for support.

Here is the finished product in all its glory!

The baby shower was quite fulfilling with a lot of fun and food. Amelia won the belly size contest, too! The hosts and soon-to-be parents were very satisfied with the outcome of the cake. Even the soon-to-be father Chris stated he played all the sports that were found on the cake! Afterward, they froze all of the decorations in their refrigerator so that someday baby Ryder would be able to see them.

*Michelle and Chris welcomed a healthy baby boy (Ryder) on July 2 by C-section at 8:30 in the morning! The tot has his dad's dark hair and his mom's brown eyes...all encased in a cuddly 6 pounds, 5 ounce package with long legs (great for the future athlete that we know he'll be). Congratulations guys!

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