Monday, March 22, 2010

Papa Haydn

We went on a dessert date with a friend. The three of us girls ordered six different sweets to taste, but don't underestimate us--in fact, we managed to eat most of it in just one night.

The shop also makes wedding cakes, as well cakes for many other celebrations.

Hazelnut crunch - dark chocolate mousse layered with crumbled hazelnut toffee and praline sponge cake, finished with a layer of chocolate ganche.

Creme brulee - Papa Haydn classic creme brulee served with rolled gaufrette cookies.

Rich chocolate with raspberries - it wasn't on the menu because it was the special of the evening!

German chocolate cake - chocolate buttermilk cake layered with classic coconut pecan filling and finished with milk chocolate ganache.

French macaroon - classic almond meringue cookies in the style of laduree in Paris.

To-Go box (Can you guess what is inside?):

Lemon chiffon cake - airy lemon cake layered with lemon curd and creme fraiche, finished with lemon cream cheese icing.

The dessert menu lists about three dozen sweets. We went through about five desserts on our first visit to Papa Haydn. There are two dozen more for us to try, so it will never get boring with so many new specials!

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