Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cinnamon rolls

We were debating on what to bring for Sunday's morning brunch. This was how we discussed it...

C: I have to bring a brunch food for Sunday's meeting.
A: How about a potato casserole?
C: Is that even a brunch food?
A: Yes, it is a breakfast casserole.
C: I don't think anyone would eat that in the early morning.
A: It has everything we like: potato, bacon, and cheese.
C: Uh no.
A: Scones? Muffins? Loaf?
C: How about cinnamon rolls?

Finally, we agreed on homemade cinnamon rolls. Meaning, we needed to find the best recipe for the rolls.

The recipe from Pioneer Woman Cooks shares step-by-step instructions with photographs. It made the process of making cinnamon rolls much easier and enjoyable.

After calculation, we only needed half of the recipe to make two 9x9 trays.

We used our eyes to divide the dough and ended up with asymmetrical size rolls. (Next time, use a kitchen scale).

The rolls are rising in the oven.

Fresh baked cinnamon rolls.

Maple with a hit of coffee flavor frosting.

Do you have a favorite brunch food?

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